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Bahala Na
Disaster Relief 

Kapwa Ko, Mahal Ko!

"My fellow person, I love"


Or often translated as:

"I care for my fellow human beings in the World."


Let's show them that we care.  Thousands have died, hundreds of thousands are trying to survive through loss of homes and loved ones, and with limited food and water.  If you can, directly support them.  


We want to help the best way we know how. So, as the holidays are coming up, let's remember our "fellow human beings in the world".  


Help Us - Help Others!  For every $20 donation, choose a wine as a gift.  All profits of this wine will go back to support disaster relief in the Philippines! 









Another Great Reason to Drink Great Wine!
$5 a bottle is donated back to "Disaster Relief in the Philippines!"

Choose Your Wine with these One-of-a-Kind Labels Helping the Survivors of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines!

Pick Your Wine !

Someone 21 years or older must be present to receive wine shipment.


Bahala Na


Bahala Na translates literally as "leave it up to God (Bathala)" and it is used as an expression, in Filipino culture. Filipinos engage in the bahala na attitude as a culture-influenced adaptive coping strategy when faced with challenging situations.

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