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About Us

"You must be the change you wish to see in the World"


Our Story



Well, we don't want to list our resume here.  But we do want you to know that we don't just believe in giving back, we live it.  We've travelled the world.  We've personally done great things, home and abroad.  From serving in the Peace Corps, to working with Mother Theresa, to supporting numerious organizations and charities, including our military, humane societies and rescue groups, education in Africa, water sanitation, small businesses in developing countries, autism, AIDS, cancer, sports organizations, the Arts, and much, much more!

Our Vision



"Cheers for Charities" is all about creating a great way to give back to charities that you love, while enjoying great wine with people you love.  There were so many charities that we wanted to help and support, we were trying to find the best way to reach them all.  At first, we thought this wasn't possible, but, after a couple of glasses of wine, of course, "Cheers for Charities" was born.

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