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"You must be the change you wish to see in the World"


Don't Just Take Our Word for it!




"Cheers and lets rumble. I am very ready to go. I love this one big. It is the greatest tool to fund raise." - Joseph, TransAfrika Founder


"How exciting--this is wonderful and a great contribution to our growth!"  - Ann, Board Member


"Great Debut, thanks to you!  We need to order more!" - Dave, Inland Empire Ducks Founder


"Autism Awareness never tasted so good!  Thank you for supporting our community and helping us celebrate." - Jeff, A Place for All Pieces Founder


"This is wonderful! I like it. This will put Transafrika on the map and generate free advertisement. The funds raised will foster and sustain our projects long term." - Patrick, Board Member of TransAfrika


"Thank you so much!  This is an excellent way to help raise funds for our organization" - Tyrone, All Sports Founder

About Us!


Our Family (Staff) is made up of all sorts of backgrounds in order to best serve our charitable partners and this world - and we are proud of it!  We consist of philanthropists, athletes (even a Super Bowl Champion!), Peace Corps volunteers, artists, photographers, graphic designers, wine connoisseurs, volunteers, animal owners, entrepreneurs (with MBA’s), world travelers, eco-tourism consultants, communications specialists, and much, much more!

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