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Wine Gallery - Artist's Collectors Series!

Award-Winning Art on Award-Winning Wines Supporting Great Causes

Specialty Arts Collectors Edition

Limited Edition Commemorative Series

Combining Award-Winning Art and Wine for a Purpose!

Don't just bring a bottle of wine to the party - bring an art piece!


ABOUT THE VIN de ART PROGRAM - We've chosen and partnered with some of the best artists in country to provide you with award-winning art on award-winning wines, all for great causes.  These are top of the line, hand-crafted, and limited production wines from eco-friendly, award winning, family owned wineries.   We take pride in working with the very best  artists and wineries to provide you with the utmost best experience.  Plus, each artist supports a charitable organization to support from the sale of these wines.

These wines have been bottled with heart, soul & passion, and some great juices to boot!   CHEERS to that!

~ Another Great Reason to Drink Great Wine ~



We all have a passion.  A reason.  A reason why we get involved, a reason why we support the things that we do.  In fact, sometimes there are so many different causes, we don't even know how to support them.  At "Cheers for Charities" we understand this.  That's why we found a way for you to be passionate and support many causes for many reasons.  

We have 1 main goal - enjoy great wine for a reason! Purchase a bottle, purchase several.  Enjoy with friends, enjoy with family. Provide as gifts, bring to a dinner party.  Wherever you choose to enjoy these wines - remember, you are doing your part in creating a better world.  And there's nothing wrong with having fun while doing it!  So, raise your glass, feel good and say "Cheers to Charities!"

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