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These are top of the line, hand-crafted, and limited production wines from eco-friendly, award winning, family owned vineyards.   We take pride in working with the very best wineries to provide you with excellent high-quality wines, for a better price.  These wines have been bottled with heart, soul and passion, and a whole lot of good juices and typical retail is at $25 - $40.  CHEERS!



Grand Cuvee - Light and refreshing.  "Everybody's" champagne.  You can't go wrong with this bubbly!

GOLD MEDAL - Los Angeles International Wine & Spirits Competition
SILVER MEDAL - Riverside International Wine Competition
BRONZE MEDAL - 36th Annual OC Fair & Events Center Commercial Wine Competition



Almond -  This extremely popular, gold-medal winning champagne  is one-of-a-kind.  Naturally fermented, with just a hint of pure almond.  Wow!  A great gift to donors, serve at events or fundraising. 

GOLD MEDAL - Riverside International Wine Competition

SILVER MEDAL - California State Fair Big Fun Wine Competition

BRONZE MEDAL - West Coast Wine Competition & Long Beach Grand Cru
SILVER MEDAL - Finger Lakes International Wine Competition, Rochester, N.Y.

BRONZE MEDAL - Pacific Rim Wine Competition
and many more!!!

About Our Hand-Crafted Wines

Proud  to announce all wines are currently from Award-Winning Wilson Creek Winery!

White Wines


Limited Reserve Chardonnay - Crisp and smooth with refreshing flavors of ripe apple and  pear, tropical, citrus and melon, leaving a lasting palate impression.  The most popular of white wines - who doesn't love a great Chardonnay?!


Lovely with almost anything, but certainly with seafood, pasta and a good baked chicken dish - like Cordon Bleu!

SILVER MEDAL - 2nd Annual Inland Empire Magazine Wine Awards 

Red Wine


Special Red Blend - Wow!  Amazing blend of Malbec, Zinfandel, Mourvedre, Merlot, and Petite Sirah.  It’s a party in your mouth that lasts long after the lights have been turned on. A smooth, medium-bodied red wine blend exudes notes of cherry, ripe plum and a bit of chocolate with a soft, round texture and a smooth long finish.

What does this wine pair well with?  Ummm, pretty much anything.  We love it alone or with food - especially BBQ, Cheeseburgers or gardenburgers, sauteed vegetables and many Italian foods - especially lasagne! 


This excellent blend hasn't been submitted to competitions yet - but we bet it will receive it's fair share of medals!

Purchase Samples

We are here to help you!  If you want some great fundraising ideas?  Check this out!

*All wines are distributed and shipped directly from the winery, currently Wilson Creek Winery.  

Cheers for Charities only provides the marketing service. 

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