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Fundraising Ideas

What's the point of all of this?

  • To raise funds for your charity

  • To be able to enjoy and share amazing wine at a great price

  • To have your own label for supporters to talk about, share and have as a unique keepsake

  • And, of course, when it all comes down to it, to make a difference in this world - helping people, animals, the environment and more. 



Based on experiences, here's our thoughts on ways to really take advantage of this partnership and opportunity:


  • Order cases of wine at a discount - offer potential supporters an incentive: "donate $25, get a bottle of our charitable wine FREE".  This workds amazingly at events and at your office/location! Huge incentive for donations!

  • Send out links to your charitable "Cheers for Charities" webpage through social media.  Encourage them to buy a case to give out to friends/family/gifts, and $60/case goes back to your charity!

  • Your charity purchases wines at a discount for donor/supporter thank yous!  If they get a bottle of your top-of-the-line, custom labelled wine, how could they not donate again!?

  • Your charity purchases wines for your events, parties, etc.

  • Let your volunteers, staff, etc. know!  Everyone wants an amazing wine that shows their passion!

  • Holiday gifts, presents, etc.

  • Excellent auction items!

  • Collectors edition




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