A Place for All Pieces - Chardonnay

This amazing Collectors Series Limited Edition Chardonnay supports Socialization, Inclusion and Autistic Pride.  Excellent deal.  This top of the line wine retails at $30 - $35.  Plus, purchase this and $5/bottle goes back to "A Place for All Pieces!"
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    At A Place For All Pieces, our goal is to increase the quality of life for autistics, and those effected by autism spectrum disorders. By providing opportunities for social motivation, initiations and peer-to-peer interaction, we believe in targeting social skills instruction, as this has been identified as a core deficit area of autism spectrum disorders. We believe neurodiversity in school and society should be embraced by nurturing respect, acceptance and appreciation for differences among human beings. Empowered with a positive identity, autistics will possess the confidence, discipline, leadership and productivity to become contributing citizens in their community. Find out more at www.aplaceforallpieces.org

What I like to drink most is wine that helps others..."

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