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SAVE the Sea Turtles!

This label will be on the wines of your choice!

*Note: The red wine label is

slightly different than the white
wines and champagne due to
bottle sizes

Someone 21 years or older must be present to receive wine shipment.

Another Great Reason to Drink Great Wine!
$5 a bottle is donated back to "Save the Sea Turtles"

HELP the Sea Turtles!  


Each years thousands of sea turtle eggs are layed around the U.S. and even more around the world.  Unfortunately, a very small percentage actually make it to become an adult.  And even then, they are threatened by fishing nets, human capture and more.  Sea turtles are an endangered species and need our help.  Every time you purchase this wine, you help save a sea turtles life - maybe many!


Drink a glass for the Sea Turtles of the World!


If you are a non-profit involved in Turtle Conservation or Marine Wildlife preservation, please contact us to become a charitable partner to receive part of the proceeds.


Support us -  For every $20 donation, choose a wine as a gift. It all helps support our cause!  Plus, it's great wine! :-)



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