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Choose Your Limited Edition Artist's Collection Wines Supporting "NAHA" - Native American Heritage Association which provides assistance to those in need.

Another Great Reason to Drink Great Wine!

Carrie Woodburn's Limited Edition Series
Part of the proceeds are donated back to
"NAHA (Native American Heritage Association)!"

"Life is Art and Art is Medicine"


Carrie is an Artist, Energy Health Practitioner, and Teacher. Through her artistry, Carrie intends to help all walks of people connect with their heart.


She believes we are experiencing the most significant time in human evolution since we began to "walk upright", with our future dependent on our ability to awaken to our potential in what she refers to as "A Mystic Renaissance".


Her art pieces are designed to harmonize and balance the feminine and masculine principles within us, deepening our mystical connection to the powers of nature and universe.


You can find out more about Carrie Woodburn at her website here.


These wines support NAHA (Native American Heritage Association)  which provides assistance to Native American Reservations, such as Pine Ridge Reservation which is located in Shannon County, which has the next to the lowest per capita income in America ($6,286.00). NAHA has been a 4 star charity with Charity Navigator for 9 years. 94% of all of their donations go directly back into our programs. For more information, visit their website here.

Support Artists Supporting Great Causes!
 For every $20 donation, choose a wine as a gift.  It all helps support great causes!  Plus, it's great wine!

Specialty Arts Collectors Edition

Carrie Woodburn Limited Edition Commemorative Series

"Ambrosia of Amrita"

"Sacred Fusion"

It's not just a bottle of wine - it's a story in a bottle
Award Winning Paintings on Each Label

Someone 21 years or older must be present to receive wine shipment.

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