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Label Design

It's all about the Label!  
Whether you design it or we design it, we'll make the best custom label we can for your organization!

It's your chance to get your charities message out, in a classy, memorable way.  What a great way to show supporters, friends, family and more about what is close to your heart.  This is a unique, collectors item that not only benefits your organizations, but gets the word out about your charity.  Gift it, drink it, bring it to your dinner parties!  

All labels are printed on a high quality gloss, water-resistant label stock. We won't print it until you approve it.


If you design it, please see complete specs below.  If you choose to work with our designers to help you create a label, the estimated turn around time is 5-7 business days after submission.


*Note - due to different bottle sizes, labels specs are different depending on type of wine ordered.  See below.




Label Examples

Label Specs



Red Wines

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