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Choose Your Limited Edition Artist's Collection Wines Supporting "Boy with a Ball" - Reaching Youth, Building Leaders

Support Artists Supporting Great Causes!
 For every $20 donation, choose a wine as a gift.  It all helps support great causes!  Plus, it's great wine!

Another Great Reason to Drink Great Wine!

Lee Munsell's Limited Edition Series
Part of the proceeds are donated back to
"Boy with a Ball!"

Majestic Landscapes of the California Coast
With over eleven hundred miles of glorious coastline, Lee Munsell need not look very far from his own artist’s studio for his next inspiration.


Lee was born and raised in California, he knows and loves California’s landscape from the water’s edge to mountaintops.


"Munsell is a Luminist. He explores a range of naturalistic subject matter with a sensitive eye for light and, more specifically, for degrees of luminosity.
Taking the effects of light on his primary subject may be his way of expressing a belief in a supernatural origin for the natural universe. One gets the feeling that Munsell wants to communicate more about his subject than paint alone can suggest.

Munsell's works have a staying power which gains the more the works are experienced. Like the subject which he undertakes, he seeks to convey the timeless and lasting effects of creation." - Art Critic, William Havlicek


You can find out more about Lee Munsell at his website here.


These wines support "Boy with a Ball" - reaching youth, building leaders.  For more information on, "Boy With a Ball" visit their website here.

Specialty Arts Collectors Edition

Lee Munsell Limited Edition Commemorative Series

"I Lift My Hands"


It's not just a bottle of wine - it's a story in a bottle
Award Winning Paintings on Each Label

Someone 21 years or older must be present to receive wine shipment.

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